Bryko supply a broad range of flood control measures and de-icing products to help our customers through the winter period.

Flood Control Measures

Responding to emergency flood response requests is one of Bryko's specialities and we have gained a reputation over the last number of years for our rapid response and sheer volume of control measures which can be supplied.

During times of severe flooding Bryko work closely with local authorities, county councils and the military across Ireland to supply their flood bag needs. At the same time supplying merchants with filled bags aiding the public to defend their own properties.

At Bryko we have the equipment and the capacity to produce massive amounts of filled and stitched flood bags, both plastic or hessian, along with larger bulk bags and our new patented mini dam products.

Bryko will continue to introduce innovative products to combat the menace that is flooding, to the public.

25 kg Plastic Flood Bag

Supplied filled and stitched ready to deploy supplied on pallets of 64 bags per pallet. Plastic flood bags are designed to be bio-degradeable so should be stored dry under cover away from direct sunlight.

25kg Flood Bag

25 kg Hessian Flood Bags

Again supplied filled and stitched ready for use, some local authorities prefer the use of hessian bags yet these are also bio-degradeable and so should also be stored under cover and away from direct sunlight.

25 kg Hessian Flood Bag


Bryko’s newly patented Mini Dam product provides a flood barrier 15 inches high and 12 feet long, which can be deployed within minutes. This product may be handled using forklifts, truck mounted cranes or teleporters. It can also be put in place and removed using Bryko’s equipment. Please contact our office for further information.


25kg Pure Salt

Pure white salt for melting ice & snow, leaves no residue. Not recommended for concrete surfaces.

25 Kg Salt / Grit Mix

Combines the advantages of salt & grit. Will melt ice & snow and provides traction in further freezing events.

25 Kg Traction Grit

Clean 6mm grit which will leave no residue. Recommended for use on concrete surfaces.

De-icing products