How will my product be delivered?

Bryko operate a diverse fleet of 18 vehicles including curtainside artics, flatbed artics, tipper trucks, crane-equipped trucks and trucks carrying mounted forklifts. The range of vehicles will ensure that wherever you are your delivery will arrive promptly in the manner requested, It is most important however to specify if a particular type of vehicle is required or if access is restricted to a site.

Where will you deliver?

Our trucks operate in the 32 counties of Ireland and occasionally deliver to the UK. Bearing in mind the nature of the product, we do our best to operate fully loaded trucks at all times. Minimum order quantities have to apply in order for us to keep prices as competitive as we do. Please contact our office to find out minimum order quantities for your area.

Licensed Haulage:

Bryko are licensed haulage operators and should you need any consignment delivered, please feel free to contact us with relation to your haulage needs.

How much do I need?

This is probably the most common query that staff in Bryko are asked in relation to product coverage, volumes and depths, We endeavour to answer all queries.

This is intended as an approximate reference guide only and volumes may differ depending on site conditions and user's applications.

Why use Bryko Plastering Sand?

The photo shows a typical scenario of what can happen when unwashed dirty sand with a high silt content is used to plaster a wall. This wall had to be fully stripped back down to the blockwork and re-plastered at a cost of hundreds of Euro for the customer. The builder's provider in question had to reimburse their customer and supply Bryko plastering sand to re-do the job properly. This could so easily have been prevented had the plasterer used appropriate materials. Poor quality plastering sand can also result in a myriad of building defects such as visible hairline cracking, and would be a common cause of blockwork joints being visible through a coat of plaster. Plasterers who value their trade will not use poor quality plastering sand, and will simply go to a builder's providers where they know that they are guaranteed a consistently high quality product.

Estimating Volumes:

To determine what volume of material is required, simply multiply the length, width and depth in meters, this will give you the volume of material required in cubic meters.


1.5 square meters per 25kg bag


1.2 square meters per 25kg bag (mixed with white cement for snow white finish)


When spread at an average depth of 50mm: 0.25 square meter per 25kg bag.


804 has a massive variety of uses and depth of the product will change dependant on soil conditions. For the normal DIY user for paths and patios for light use with stable soil conditions. 804 needs to be laid a minimum of 100mm depth and compacted using a roller or vibrating plate. One bulk bag contains approximately 0.75 of a cubic meter. Or an area of 3-4 square meters approximately.


Paving Slab sand is a grit sand used under patios on top of 804/hardcore compacted to a depth of 50mm, the purpose of which is to draw water away from the paved surface to the sub base material below. At a depth of 50 mm coverage of paving sand will be 0.2 square meters per 25kg bag.